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About Andrew Horne

Andrew Horne is senior clinical lecturer and consultant gynaecologist at the MRC Centre for Reproductive Heath in Edinburgh. He is an MRC-funded clinician scientist with a research interest in Fallopian tube, endometrial and peritoneal biology. His aim is to further understanding of the causes of ectopic pregnancy, develop a blood test to better diagnose the condition, and investigate novel methods for imaging and treating ectopic pregnancy. In addition, he leads a multidisciplinary team that manages women with chronic pelvic pain and endometriosis. He is currently identifying candidate urinary markers for diagnosing endometriosis, attempting to understand the aetiology of endometriosis and evaluating drugs for the management of chronic pelvic pain.

What causes ectopic pregnancy?

We believe that pregnancies implant in the Fallopian tube because of a combination of factors: a failure of the mechanisms which move the pregnancy along the Fallopian tube into the womb and a change in the environment in the Fallopian … Continue reading

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