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Angus McIndoe has over 20 years experience in the NHS and Private sectors to call on. He is one of the foremost UK consultants working in the field of Gynaecological Oncology and was one of the first RCOG accredited gynaecological oncologists in the UK. He also carries out robotic surgery at the Wellington Hospital in London. Angus is a fully accredited colposcopist by the BSCCP/RCOG combined programme and an expert in dealing with abnormal smears. He runs a rapid assessment service in Harley Street with Professor Tom Bourne for women with symptoms or worries that they may have gynaecological cancer.

What should I do about an abnormal smear in pregnancy?

We don’t usually take smears in pregnancy but sometimes a smear is taken before you realise you are pregnant. At other times you may have had an abnormal smear before the pregnancy and your doctors may want to keep a … Continue reading

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Should my daughter have the HPV vaccine?

HPV vaccination is working very well and is extremely safe and the WHO, as well as a number of governments, has recommended that it is given to all girls and young women. Since its introduction in 2007, it has been … Continue reading

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